Ride the Wave NOT Waste – Another look into the eco-friendly fashion industry.

Waste. Not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re about to head into the ocean to catch a few waves. I can say for certain that is not came to my friend’s mind as he was heading into the sea in Venice beach California (beautifully captured in the image below).

California is said to have some of the worlds most beautiful beaches residing on the golden coast. However, it is heart-breaking that these beaches are now amongst those in the world that are most polluted.

Anyway I digress slightly but there is a link here albeit a tenuous one.  In my last post I talked about sustainable high fashion. So sticking to the theme of fashion today I want to introduce you to a small sustainable fashion brand I’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with. They use recycled plastic bottles to make clothes! They are called ‘Making Waves Clothing.’



Making Waves Clothing

Making waves clothing is a clothing brand head quartered in England. The brands ethos is to help with the aim to reduce plastic in our seas and oceans, by using recycled plastic bottles in their clothing.

wave of waste

For every item of clothing sold the company donates a £1 towards a charity helping to reduce plastic within our oceans. You can see me pictured wearing a t-shirt from the brand.


What fascinates me most about Making Waves Clothing is that the garments are made from 40% plastic bottles and 60% recycled organic cotton offcuts. For anyone that didn’t know our dumped waste can be recycled into clothing.

All clothing is manufactured and certified under the Global Recycled Standard by the Control Union Certifications licence CU828402 and is also audited by the Fair Wear Foundation an international initiative working to improve workplace conditions in the textile and garment industry.​ Both of these ensure the high levels of sustainability amongst the eco-friendly fashion industry.

The company is not only there to sell products this is so much more than that. It is a movement. By producing products with recycled content the aim is to reach out the hearts and minds of people like us, to become conscious of the issues of plastics in our oceans and reduce this global issue. A simple decision of where to buy your next t-shirt could make an impact.


It’s an honour to be working with the brand on my Miss Earth Journey. As a brand ambassador my friends, family and followers can get 10% of orders using the code 4mishapxMW10.

Please do check them out! ​

​Not only will you be getting high quality clothing products, but you’ll be supporting the oceans whilst you wear it.


High fashion can be sustainable fashion – An insight into Stella McCartney.

I like to think that long gone are the days when wearing real fur was seen as the done thing. It was associated with class a high status even. I guess in some places it still is but what is great that in a lot of places it so isn’t the done thing. Today I want to talk about a love of mine. That is fashion especially high fashion. I am a big fan of the runway, I love seeing what’s on trend and what my favourite celebrities are wearing.

IMG_3653[1]On Saturday I had the absolute honour of spending time with the team at eco-friendly high fashion designer Stella McCartney’s new boutique located 23 Old Bond Street. Stella has finally made her mark after many years of hard work and is now located amongst other top designers, in this iconic street in London one of the world’s fashion capitals.
The experience was like a dream for anyone whose love for fashion is coupled with a love for protecting the environment.

Alexandro (Alex) a member of Stella’s team gave me an in depth tour of all four floors as well as a sneak-peak inside the special members only room and a lot inside info!

Stella work’s is driven by eco-friendly values and this shows all throughout her new shop which has been designed with unique and multi-sensory ways to engage with the brand’s world. The idea is to engage each of the customer’s five senses (sound, sight, smell, touch and taste). As you walk in your sound is stimulated by a message of love. A message to reinforce a feeling of love for your environment and all other living beings (no coincidence then that the store has seen a proposal already). You instantly feel relaxed.

The store is the first indoor commercial space in London to feature Airlabs that clean the air using nano carbon technology making the air the cleanest in city, up to 95% pollution free. I could honestly feel this during my four hours there.


In addition, Stella McCartney has made every effort to use more handmade, organic and sustainably sourced elements in its new store design, in line with the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Hand selected pieces of pine wood transported with her shipments as well as rocks, moss and flowers from both Stella and her famous fathers’ gardens are also featured in the stores’ display to promote the values of recycling and reuse. She basically has a version of her garden in her store.


The store’s interpretation of luxury is a little different to its neighbours. Where other fashion houses have used showy swathes of rare stone or glossy metals to clad walls, Stella’s outpost is lined with humble but elegant pebble-dash,  squeezable recycled foam and textured card. Handmade papier-mâché, made using waste paper taken from the brand’s London offices has been transformed into bespoke decorative panels which decorate the wall of the women’s wear first floor. 


Moving on to some of Stella’s signature designs her handbags move away from the traditional use of leather and use viscose from sustainably certified forests in Sweden. And the inside of her iconic Falabella bags are lined with recycled content from plastic bottles cleaned up from Oceans. She is now working to develop silk-free silk.

Stella also encourages the reuse of her own products through the RealReal online platform.


I could go on and on and on about the intricacies and the way sustainable values are woven not only into the store design but also the designs and the values of customer service adopted by the staff. It just goes to show that traditional perceptions of high fashion are/can be challenged. Sustainable is sexy and you can rock the catwalk and wider fashion industry and protect the environment as well as raise awareness whilst you are at it!

I really enjoyed learning about it all and the cherry on the top was being styled in some of Stella’s designs!

Thank you Alex for making this possible and giving up your time so generously and Jennifer for the styling (pictured below).