Times Up

‘She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.’


Many of you will have seen i’m raising much needed funds for 3 great causes. One of these is the Times Up UK Justice and Equality campaign.

This is a cause very close to my heart. I am so proud of all the women that have come forward and shared their pain so boldly. Thank you. Your bravery has given something which was not widely talked about, a platform. A platform so we can start to put an end to the suffering that goes on behind closed doors. The incidents which we are made to feel responsible for because of the way we walk, dress, talk, behave, our mere existence damnit!

We have been conditioned to ignore the actions of others which impact us so deeply but are brushed off as insignificant, because ‘you are an attractive woman, what did you expect?’ You amazing women have given strength to us all over the world, that have for long been silenced, and hope to all others that they will never be silenced.

I also stand with those that may be like myself and choose not to share our #metoo . Not because of shame or fear but because we have found peace in some other way, but still want to stand with all the women out there, that do.

Remember, no one has rights over your body not in the work place not anywhere. Harassment is not only physical, if it makes you feel uncomfortable it’s not right. No matter what situation. You have a right to say no and demand it stop!

It doesn’t only happen to women we can all be subject to it and it is our responsibility as a collective to be respectful to one another.

The Times Up campaign rooted from Hollywood and has grabbed world-wide attention since. The UK has also set up a campaign which I am fundraising for. You can donate via the link.

We come in peace but we mean business. And to those that would dare try and silence us we offer you two words #timesup ~ @janellemonae

As always thanks for reading 🖤


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