We need to keep our ocean’s clean

I don’t think I’ve met anyone that didn’t at least hear a mention of the epic speech that Sir David Attenborough delivered at the National Television Awards at the beginning of the year (over 14 million of us watched in the UK alone).

It’s almost like he catapulted ocean conservation into the realm of things that are sexy to talk about! His speech was captivating and the Blue Planet II Series (which was awarded)so very brutally informative of the catastrophic impacts that human behaviours are having on the ocean.

Our oceans are at a crisis point. The impact we as humans are having on our oceans all over the planet is devastating. If this can be summarised into the main causes it would be the following.

  1. Climate Change
  2. Plastic Pollution
  3. Overfishing

The Ocean and Climate Change
As ‘carbon sinks’ our oceans absorb huge amount of carbon dioxide, preventing it from reaching the air. However, global warming is causing increases in water temperatures. Coupled with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide which makes oceans more acidic, these factors are already having an impact on our oceans.

Coral reefs are particularly vulnerable with the algae that live on it being destroyed to a lack of oxygen which can lead to the eventual death of coral. If global warming remains on its upward path, it has been forecasted that by 2050 only 5% of Australia’s Great Barrier will exist (source WWF).

Plastic Pollution

Where do I start. I anticipate a lot more posts about this in the coming weeks. But in short WE NEED TO STOP! and we need to stop now! Plastic pollutes our ocean. It kills marine animals and birds. Some of you may have seen the news a couple of weeks ago, having reported that a Whale had died in Thailand having swallowed over 80 plastic bags which had been dumped in the ocean.

Since in the 1950’s we have managed to produce a whopping 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic and it’s expected we are going to quadruple this my 2050 if our current behaviours don’t change. The impact of plastics goes much further than our household bins. It’s going to our oceans and natural environment.


Admittedly not a issue I knew much about but I came across a couple of really good Ted Talk lessons the other day which are certainly worth watch ‘Will the ocean ever run out of fish’.  In a nutshell overfishing is happening all over the world. We need to understand that the removal of fish from the ocean at it’s current pace does not allow for replenishment in time, resulting in any given species becoming extinct or underpopulated in that given area.

Again it anticipated that by 2050, there will be more plastic and rubbish in the world’s oceans than fish.

Can you imagine yourself surfing, diving or snorkeling in the sea with plastic. Because this is where we are heading. If not us, then this is what future generations will be left with, if we don’t act now.

If this hasn’t convinced you I don’t what will. You can donate to help protect our environment by clicking here.

IMG_5801Image of me enjoying the waters whilst on holiday in Croatia last summer.

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